Special Education During Coronavirus School Shutdowns

Schools are being closed across California, which will have a disproportionate impact on students with disabilities. Schools are considering teaching through online classes, which may not be accessible for students with disabilities. And students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) receive more than just educational services. They might also receive therapies, tutoring, and other services that could be provided in the home or remotely, even if schools are closed.

The U.S. Department of Education has issued guidelines on when and how students with disabilities will receive special education services during this time.

For students who rely on school meals, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is allowing California to serve meals in places on and off school campuses with small numbers of students in one place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Read more here.

The Los Angeles Unified School District is offering a range of resources to their students at home, including Grab & Go Meals and a hotline. Read more here.

The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates issued a statement about their concerns about the impact of the Coronavirus and school shutdowns on students with disabilities:

At-Home Education Resources
Parents, caregivers, and at-home teachers and therapists will want to continue educational instruction so that students with disabilities do not get too far behind. Some schools will be providing resources or online classes, but there are many online resources targeted toward children who are homeschooled. These homeschooling resources, particularly those created for students with disabilities, could be very helpful at this time. Many of these programs cost money, but your school district may have access to some of these resources for free. If you search online for “homeschooling resources for students with disabilities,” you will find many options that you can consider.

KCET and PBS SoCal is offering free at-home learning resources.

Here is a list of education companies that are offering free subscriptions due to school closings.

Here is list of 150+ enrichment activities for children while parents are working remotely