Self-Care: Taking Care of your Mental and Physical Health

Reducing Anxiety

The risk of getting sick is causing significant anxiety for all Californians. But the change in routine for people with developmental disabilities compounds the anxiety greatly for many people. Here are some lessons learned from other crises that we can share. >>

Spiritual Needs of People with Developmental Disabilities

Many people with DD are highly spiritual and have a deep connection to their religion and places of worship.  Here are some ways to cope with possible temporary closures of churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples. >>

Self-Care for Individuals with I/DD and their Caregivers

With the stress of being isolated and the change in routines, it is critical that people with developmental disabilities and their families also focus on self-care.  Here are some solutions: eating healthy, getting enough rest, exercising both the body and mind, and caring and loving each other. >>