Staying Social Inside & Staying Safe Outside: Ideas for Activities and Human Connection during the Pandemic

This webinar was recorded on July 9, 2020.

At DVU’s most recent Town Hall on Reopening Group Programs during the Pandemic, we heard your fears about going to a congregate setting while the coronavirus still rages as well as your frustration with receiving few or no services at this time. This webinar will focus on the services you can access safely, including participant-directed services that allow you to select your own service provider you trust. We will also share ideas for activities that are remote, 1:1 in your home, or in the community with strict physical distancing.

Presenters include:

  • Melissa Crisp-Cooper, Writer and Disability Advocate
  • Brianna Doherty, PhD, Medical Student, UCSF
  • Joseph Meadours, Self-advocate
  • Kavita Sreedhar, Parent, Co-founder and CEO, PRAGNYA
  • Isita Tripathi, Intern, Disability Voices United
  • Ann Turner, Program Manager for Independent Living and Employment, STEP Program
  • Amy Westling, Executive Director, Association of Regional Center Agencies
  • Moderated by Judy Mark, President, Disability Voices United

Transcript for webinar

Tip Sheet for Supporting Patients With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Healthcare

Working with PRAGNYA: A Mindful Approach to Staying Connected by Kavita Sreedhar, CEO & Co-founder of PRAGNYA

COVID-19 Risk Infographic for Day Services

State of the Pandemic for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, by Brianna Doherty, PhD