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Government Agencies

Department of Rehabilitation

Department of Fair Employment and Housing

Department of Developmental Services

U.S. Department of Justice

U.S. Department of Labor Complaint Process

Job Accommodation Network

Non-Government Agencies

Deaf Counseling Advocacy and Referral Agency (DCARA)

National Federation for the Blind (NFB)


“A Voice For All: Why I’m fighting to help autistic students access the form of communication that works best for them” from Autistic Self-Advocacy Network

“Rethinking autism: Implications of sensory and movement differences for understanding and support” by A.M. Donnellan, D. Hill, & M. Leary

“I was born unable to speak, and a disputed treatment saved me” by Ido Kedar

“Autistic, non-speaking, and ‘intelligent’” by Amy Sequenzia

“We have autism all wrong: The radical new approach we need to understand and treat it” by B. Prizant

Augmentative and Alternative Communication for Speaking Autistic Adults: Overview and Recommendations by Alyssa Hillary Zisk and Elizabeth Dalton

“For the Deaf, social distancing can mean social isolation” by Derrick Bryson Taylor

“Who is ‘worthy?’ Deaf-Blind people fear that doctors won’t save them from the coronavirus” by Robin Wright


Kevin Williams & Lateef McLeod: Black AAC User Perspectives on Racism and Disability

Discussion of Pro-Tactile ASL – from the March 2019 Deaf Theatre Action Planning Session


The Right to Communication with Darlene Hanson:Beyond Awareness: Disability Awareness That Matters


Everybody Communicates: Toolkit for Accessing Communication Assessments, Funding, and Accommodations by the Office of Developmental Primary Care

Lawsuits to Know

McCullough v. California Department of Developmental Services – This ongoing lawsuit charges DDS with discrimination against deaf people who depend on regional center programs and services funded and administered by DDS.