Webinar on Special Education During School Closures Due to the Coronavirus

This Disability Voices United webinar was recorded Wednesday, April 15, 2-4 pm. It discusses what schools are still required to do during the coronavirus shutdowns to serve their students with disabilities, and how schools can serve their students well.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, schools in California and the country are shut down and most are providing online classes. But are students with disabilities able to access these classes? Are their IEPs still in effect? What are the best ways to educate these students? This webinar will feature experts in students with disabilities’ rights to an education even during school closures, best practices in how to provide online and distance learning to the most impacted students, and how parents and students are coping.

Transcript of Special Education webinar

Presentation on Special Education by Vivian Haun, Board Member of Disability Voices United

Distance Learning, COVID-19, and the Implications of Special Ed by Stephen Hinkle, Board Member of Disability Voices United

Distance Learning for Students with Significant Support Needs: Promising Practices by Amy Hanreddy of Cal State University