Profiles in Self-Determination Book

Profiles in Self-Determination: Inspiration for a Full Life is a guide for participants, families, and professionals interested in California’s new Self-Determination Program.

The book helps you imagine what your life could be like if you had freedom, choice, and control. That’s self-determination!

In 2013, California passed an historic law, based on a longtime pilot project, that gives individuals with developmental disabilities served by regional centers the chance to control a budget to purchase services, activities, and items that will help them live a full life in the community.

This book profiles ten children and adults who are currently in the traditional regional center system and how they imagine their lives changing under the new Self-Determination Program.

It also tells the stories of participants in the pilot project and how self-determination has enhanced their lives.

We wrote this book because we have trained thousands of self-advocates and family members in California and a central question we get is, “How would this work for me?” We have found that examples explain it best, especially from the lucky folks who have participated in the Self-Determination Pilot Projects for the past 20 years. People with disabilities have been part of a system that has effectively made choices for them for their entire lives. They have often become dependent upon their regional centers to tell them what they should do each day, who should support them, and with whom they should spend time. So it is not surprising that people going into the Self-Determination Program might have some anxiousness and need some inspiration to think about controlling their futures!

This book will confirm that you are citizens and contributors to society. This book will help you think about your life in a completely new way. With self- determination, you make your own choices about every part of your life — just like people without disabilities do.

Profiles in Self-Determination costs $10 per copy plus postage for up to five copies. To order, email