Anticipated spending

Developing a Spending Plan

    • sp

      This is so sad that RC and DDS aren’t on the same page with SDP and the law.  I’m also getting a hard time at getting my spending plan approve because my RC is not understand the idea that I can use my budget for backup staff.  It’s extremely frustrating.  Also, I just found out that RC won’t allow vendors services such as SLS agency in Self Determination.  RC’s are making nearly impossible to get SDP started.  What is in the law aren’t being follow at all.

    • anne

      Hello all! I received this from my RC Case Manager regarding my submitted Spending Plan for Self-determination for my adult son. We are planning to move him this year, but don’t have a place yet and we are looking at providing a car for him that would require some retrofitting. Since we don’t have either now, they say I can’t put this in my plan. I do have a dental treatment plan with estimated costs and we are just waiting for an opening at the hospital. We have paid thousands in the past for dental work, but wish to include funding for it on the plan, but that too has been rejected.

      From my Case Manager: “I have learned a few more things regarding Self Determination since developing your son’s spending plan.  One thing that I have learned is that we cannot set aside monies for what might occur in the future; i.e moving, dental expenses, vehicle modifications.   So what that means is that SDP can be an option to fund for these things but as a change of circumstance at which point we will modify the IPP with an addendum and then add the service to the budget if it is needed when it occurs.

      So I removed the following from the spending plan:
      1.)    Moving Expenses—will be considered to be added in when a new place is identified for John to actually move to
      2.)    Vehicle Modification—until you have a vehicle that actually requires modification for John, then we can consider having the protective screen added in.
      3.)    Dental funding—Once you have shown that you have exhausted the Medi-Cal Benefit for John’s dental work and provide documentation for it, than we can modify the IPP and add what isn’t covered back in.

      This is the updated spending plan with those changes and with your conference and transportation request.    We cannot plan the spending plan on what ifs but on what is with the idea that there probably going to be modifications along the way.    I hope that makes sense to you.”

      Any thoughts on this are welcome! Thanks very much.