Behavioral Services

General Concerns and Questions

    • chris_at_abound_services

      Hi Karen,

      With Self Determination, funds will still be the “payer of last resort,” meaning that if your insurance or anything else covers behavioral therapy, SD funds can’t cover it.

      However, we all have our favorite providers; I certainly do with my daughter, and might be able to include your behaviorist if you can demonstrate that they are providing a ‘novel’ service that other behaviorists covered by insurance do not provide, that your child needs.  For example, if you can demonstrate that your child’s preferred behaviorist employs a specific technique, works a specific set of hours, works in a specific setting, or does something that other behaviorists can’t or won’t accommodate, then your Person Centered Plan and IPP can integrate those differentiated needs into the plan and pay for that unique service.

      Please let me know if I can elaborate further for you.

    • karencull

      Will I be able to use SDP to pay for my son’s behaviorist who doesn’t take insurance? It used to be covered by Regional Center but now has to be on insurance.