Turn-Around Time

Changing the Individual Budget

    • judymark

      Hi Sami,

      It really depends on the person but often it is because the regional center is delaying things unnecessarily. For my son, here was our timing:

      Thursday – Had PCP

      Friday – Had budget meeting and certified budget at same meeting.

      For next two months we worked on his spending plan – I was really busy at the time so it was my delay.

      Sent in spending plan and had an IPP the next week. Questions asked, spending plan had to be altered because of a segregated program that needed to be removed.

      Revised spending approved the next week and started in SDP the next day.

      Hope that is helpful. Getting the budget from your RC should not be a point of delay. Give them a week and then complain to the supervisor.

    • sami

      What is a reasonable time table from the submission of a new budget proposal, RC approval, signed spending plan, E-billing completion, until the FMS can actually process payments?