Youth in transition

General Concerns and Questions

    • chris_at_abound_services

      Hi Ann,

      I’m an independent facilitator.  All things being equal, no; the family will not be involved except as support members if the child invites and includes their input.

      However, I suspect your question gets at the consideration of cognitive capacity, and other issues, that may hinder an individual’s ability to make choices that maximize their well being.  In those cases, it is helpful for those families to think through the process of conservatorship for the child, so they can continue to legally be entitled to participation in the assistance efforts with their child.

      I hope that helps.  Let me know if I can assist further.

    • nmhien

      What happens with self-determination; choice and control when a youth with developmental disabilities turns 18?

      Would the family still be involved with the processes of selection of choices as well as supporting the youth with disabilities?