Carolyn Tellalian is a mom to three adult children: Ryan, Marisa, and Vana. Shortly after Marisa’s birth, Carolyn became involved in organizing community resources surrounding the Down syndrome and disability community in Tulare and Fresno County. Carolyn collaborated with another mom to design, fund and launch the post-secondary education Wayfinders Program at Fresno State.

She is a licensed clinical social worker at Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera and lives in Fresno. Carolyn has become involved in legislative advocacy. She serves on the board of Disability Voices United and is Co-Chair of Central Valley Regional Center’s Local Advisory Committee.

Marisa has lived in her own home with two close friends since 2015 and has been part of the Self-Determination Program since August 2020. The 3 roommates enjoy a full and self-determined life in their home and community.