AB 1147

Seven DVU board members sit around a conference table meeting with DDS Director Nancy Bargmann, who sits at the head of the table

Big Problems Require Bold Solutions

Almost everybody seems to agree that the system that serves people developmental disabilities is very troubled. When we hear frustrations about the developmental disability service system, we hear many different stories with the same themes. People want:

  • more effective oversight of regional centers
  • the reduction and elimination of racial and ethnic disparities
  • better outcomes for the people served by this system
  • transparency from the system that serves them

The Disability Equity and Accountability Act (AB 1147) was introduced to move us in that right direction. AB 1147 is a civil rights bill authored by Assemblymember Dawn Addis, who represents California’s Central Coast. DVU is cosponsoring this bill with the Integrated Community Collaborative.

What Does the Bill Do? Our Action Plan

Big problems require bold solutions, not just small fixes around the edges of an issue. AB 1447 was created by self-advocates, family members, and state policy experts. It works towards three goals:

  • a more equitable system
  • a more accountable system
  • a more transparent system

Make Your Voice Heard! Support AB 1147 

Check back for more information on how you can support AB 1147 as the legislative session continues.