Monica Rejniak is a human resources and operations management leader. As the Director of Administration, Monica ensures DVU is compliant with the regulations and compliance issues that dictate how California employers conduct business. Her primary objective is to streamline processes and establish policies that enable staff and volunteers to focus on driving the DVU mission forward.

She brings over 15 years of experience working with the I/DD community and prides herself on being a community builder. In addition, she brings her own experience, as a person who lives with the challenges of epilepsy, to DVU.

Monica earned her BA in Anthropology from San Francisco State University. She uses cultural anthropology to inform and guide her in the business environment. Understanding the people and culture of DVU provides insight on how to best support the team. Monica seeks to listen and learn the “other” perspective in order to build partnerships within DVU. She believes that partnerships, built on mutual trust and respect, are the basis for a successful organization.

Monica is a California native and enjoys exploring the world with her husband, Mick. They have two adult daughters that amaze them on a daily basis.